Bar turning, machining of parts, struts, inserts, threaded struts - Jacquemoux Décolletage

One of JACQUEMOUX Décolletage’s specialities is the production of struts and inserts, especially for the plastics industry. Thanks to our perfectly adapted machine park and control system using digital cameras, the quality of our struts and product inserts allows our customers to optimise their moulding, crimping, riveting and automatic assembly operations.
Décolletage entretoises et inserts

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Insert, knurled insert, overmoulding insert, crimp insert, threaded insert, precision turned insert, plastic insert, ring, crimp ring, strut, precision turned strut, overmoulded strut, column, ball joint, rod, spindle, nut, pin, screw, support, rivet, spacer, nozzle, tie rod, stud

Bar turning of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, plastic

Cam-turning lathes, Multi-spindle lathes, Computer-controlled lathes

Surface treatment, anodising, grinding, polishing, sub-assemblies

From small to very large series

With bars of Ø 2 to Ø 65 mm and billets of up to Ø 150 mm on CNC lathes