Bar turning for electrical equipment, bar turning - Jacquemoux Décolletage

Our extensive experience in the machining of copper alloys and aluminium guarantees the production of high precision parts for the electrical equipment and electronics industries.
Décolletage de pièces pour les appareillages électriques

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Spindles, terminals, contacts, connector pads, tubes, pins, buttons, inserts, clinch nuts, pistons, strikers, rods, nuts, nozzles, washers, sockets, rings, struts, flanges, tubing, wedges, shafts, tie rods, index pins, rollers, columns

Brass, copper, precision turned steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic

Cam-turning lathes, Multi-spindle lathes, Computer-controlled lathes

Surface treatment, anodising, grinding, polishing, sub-assemblies

From small to very large series

With bars of Ø 2 to Ø 65 mm and billets of up to Ø 150 mm on CNC lathes